Welcome to Zilla Praja Parishad,Nalgonda

ZPP Nalgonda Chairpersons details


Name of the Chairman



1 Sri G.S.Reddy 1-12-1959 30-6-1964
2 Sri A.Laxminarsimha Reddy 11-09-1964 26-06-1967
3 Sri Ramakrishna Reddy 17-08-1967 30-11-1969
4 Sri V.Ramalinga Reddy 06-04-1970 10-08-1970
5 Sri K.Ranga Reddy 11-08-1970 09-02-1976
6 Sri C.Malla Reddy 09-07-1981 08-07-1986
7 Sri B.Narsimha Reddy 02-05-1987 01-05-1992
8 Sri C.D.Ravi Kumar 16-05-1995 20-03-2000
9 Smt. V.Prasanna 23-07-2001 04-10-2003
10 Sri B.Chennaiah
(vice-chairman incharge)
05-10-2003 26-11-2003
11 Smt. K.Laxmamma 27-11-2003 22-07-2006
12 Sri. Kasireddy Narayana Reddy 23-07-2006 22-07-2011
13 Sri. Nenavath Balunaik 05-07-2014

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